@cooperunion: Ruchi Patel & Giovanni Sanchez win Invention Factory 1st place for Suture Self, a suture 

Published: Dec 21, 2015


Published: JULY 21, 2015

Make Me a Millionaire Inventor: Just What The Doctor Ordered.

The mentors take on inventors who want a mint off the medical field. 

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Check out dotNYC's tech segment in which the founderspresent QuickStitch. 00:47.

Published: December 7, 2016

Published: AUGUST 18, 2015

This summer, Cooper Union held its third annual Invention Factory, a competition in which teams of students create and patent their own inventions. After six weeks of preparation, execution and evaluation, the judges announced Jericho’s Giovanni Sanchez, a rising sophomore at Cooper Union, as the first



Y Combinator.

On May 1, the founders interviewed with Y Combinator regarding their Summer 2017 batch. Y Combinator is the world's most powerful and prestigious incubators and is based in Silicon Valley, California.

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